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The rest of the story #oeildudragon

Published May

Créatival was chosen to go on the show '' In the eye of the dragon '' on Monday 24 last April. Without hiding from you, the experience turned out to be exciting and the entrepreneur had a great personal challenge. A challenge because it is by creating bracelets for herself and noticing the interest that her colleagues students had for her jewelry that Valérie embarked on the adventure Creatival.

bracelets for women

After almost three years, Créatival has grown well and its projects also. It was by wanting to offer an original financing method that the company created the small boxes of thematic bracelets. Should have found an idea to differentiate itself from the competition;)

Following the realization of her own dream of creating her business, Valerie now wants to encourage young people to focus on their life projects and help them raise money through herfundraising service. It is with this concept that Creatival presented itself to the dragons and that the company left with an agreement withMr. Gilbert Rozon and Ms. Christine Germain.

Themissionof Creatival is to be an accomplice to the life projects of young women. It is essential for her to contribute to the achievements of her clients while valuing their involvement.

Full of beautiful projects are coming in the coming years, follow us on social networks to be part of the # Creatival community!

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to write us at to arrange an interview if you are a media or if you want to distribute our little wonders in your store.

It is now the madness of the bracelets!

Signed: CreatiMarjorie


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