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Small boxes in LARGE projects

Published on October

OCTOBER : You want to raise money for one of your many projects, but are you tired of selling chocolate or oranges? Well! You are lucky, CreatiVal offers you the opportunity to realize RT fundraising through the sale of Theme Bracelets. You can now sell bracelets to meet your financing goals! Whether for your foundation that is close to your heart, your graduation ball, your humanitarian journey or any other project, the CreatiVal fundraisers will allow you to raise money in an original way.
Admit that it changes traditional methods!

How it works?

It's easy! 3 choices of thematic boxes are offered: The Great Journeyman, The Finishing and The I-Know-What.
Choose the one that best represents your project and start to color the world!

- Buy the small box at the price of 55 $
- Resends the contents of the box for a total of 100 $
- Receive for your campaign a sum of $ 45

In the box, it hides 20 bracelets of 4 different models in an original packaging.

Whether it's your partner in crime, your family, your colleagues or your friends, there's something for everyone! In addition, they are adjustable! And why not arrange them to create Mix-And-Match thunder? Admit that it gives you the taste to celebrate.

Signed: CreatiCamille

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