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Kit de financement

$ 60.00

Bracelets for BIGGER projects!
Whether it's to fund your humanitarian journey, to raise money for a foundation or to finance one of your innumerable projects, it's small bracelets that will work with everything you want to do.

Receive 20 models of different bracelets inspired by the universe of CreatiVal and realizes a profit of $40 by reselling the bracelets to $5.

  • Turquoise Adjustable Bracelet with Sun
  • Gray Adjustable Bracelet with Feather
  • Adjustable black color bracelet with a ying yang
  • Adjustable white color bracelet with an elephant

Regardless of your fundraising campaign, fundraising, self-financing project or fund-raising,RISE YOUR ARMS, YOU WILL ARRIVE!

FREE SHIPPING for any purchase over $65

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